C.A. Seward

1884 - 1939

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Images above are:  and “Vermont Sugar Maple Camp,” 1922

William Rice and C.A. Seward undoubtedly became acquainted with each others work through their membership in the California Society of Print Makers.  In 1927 Rice responded to Seward’s invitation to submit work for the first annual American Block Print Exhibition that he was organizing for the Wichita Art Association. Rice also joined the Prairie Print Makers in 1931 and remained a member until after Seward’s death in 1939. In the ensuing years Rice and Seward traded prints and exchanged letters about printmaking.  Their mutual interest in the out of doors provided a strong basis for their friendship.

2083 Rosedale Ave.

Oakland Calif.

Aug. 27 - 1937

Mr. C. A. Seward

Wichita Kansas.

My dear Mr. Seward: 

Your good letter received today. In replying would say that, by an oversight no doubt,

you failed to enclose price list for printing lithographs.

I am sorry I am all out of the Magnolia Litho prints but I am perfectly willing that you

should have the one in your present exhibit when you are ready to send them back to me at the

close of the exhibit season. The edition was limited to 6. It being my first lithograph I thought 6

would be ample but it has been very popular & I now regret that there were not more printed.

Thank you so much for a prompt reply to my query with reference to my sister’s art

books. I’m sure she will appreciate your interest in her behalf.

I shall appreciate the price list also the fact that you will do some printing for me.

Have made 4 new lithos this summer - Pt. Lobos - Monterey, Calaveras Big Trees, A

study of a Coast Live Oak & Willows. Not having the stones nor a press I have not done as many

lithos as I should like but I can go over to San Francisco in Mr. Bertrand’s studio to work for a

consideration or have transfers made from paper drawings.

I thought I should like to try your method of using plates, for a change so obtained a few

plates to try out. I admire your linear way of handling the process and that is my most natural

way of working with the pencil or crayon. But people here are sold on the smooth slick method

of shading, even doing some rubbing. My early training in print without doubt is responsible for

my liking the linear treatment.

I have your book on the subject which got me started along this line.

Please give my regards to Mr. Foltz & Mr. Capps and other members of your society.

I think you are all doing real live work.

Sincerely yours,

Wm (William) S. Rice 

(Reference is to C.A. Seward’s book, “Metal Plate Lithography for Artists and Draftsmen”

published in 1931 by the Pencil Points Press, Inc., New York.)

Seward - William Rice 1875 - 1946

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