C.A. Seward

1884 - 1939

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Images are:  Stow Wengenroth, “From the Weather Bureau, New York,” lithograph, 1940 (Allinson Gallery) and  “The Far Shore,” lithograph, 1957 Prairie Print Makers gift print (Legends Fine Art)

Stow Wengenroth was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1906 and remained in New York throughout his life.  He studied at the Arts Students League in New York  and then also the Grand Central School of Art. He is often said to have been one of the best American lithographers of the 20th Century. Painter, Andrew Wyeth once described Wengenroth as “"America's greatest living artist working in black and white." City  Wengenroth became well-known for his detailed depictions of the seascapes and landscapes of New England, especially Maine but he also produced a series of urban scenes of New York and its environs.

Wengenroth was one of the original artist members of the Prairie Print Makers and produced the members gift print in 1940 (New England Village) and again in 1957 (The Far Shore).  He shared Seward’s love for the lithographic medium but their styles are vastly different.  Seward’s typical lithograph are very autographic and record his fluid drawing style. Wengenroth’s are highly controled lines which are used to make full use of soft yet very intense subtleties that can be produced by contrasting dark and light shaded areas.

In his letter to Seward, Wengenroth apologizes for his slowness in sending a copy of his book.  The books he is referring to are Seward’s book on the use of metal plates for lithography which was published in 1931 and Wengenroth’s book on lithography which was publish 4 years later in 1935.  Just as their styles are different so are their books.

Long Island


Dear Mr. Seward -

I mailed the book yesterday and so after a lapse of time I’m ashamed of, the bargain is done!

I couldn’t be sure from your last letter just when you planned to return the prints you

received from Tulsa. When you do so, please ship them directly to the above address as I plan to

go to Bayport in a day or so and from there directly to Maine.  Also any correspondence should

be directed there and it will be forwarded to me. We plan to wander around Maine this summer

& I can give no address there now.

Was glad to receive the names of the new members - they certainly will add quality to the


With best wishes for a successful summers work. I remain,


Stow Wengenroth

June 11, 1938

(Stow Wengenroth did the1940 Prairie Print Maker gift print, a lithograph entitled “ New

England Village” and the 1957 print, “The Far Shore”.)

Seward - Stow Wengenroth, 1906 - 1978

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