C.A. Seward

1884 - 1939

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Images above: Indian Drummer (the only known print created by Dixon was printed by is friend, printmaker Roi Partridge), SouthPoint and Juniper, Utah, and photograph of Maynard Dixon. (Mark Sublette Medicine Man Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico and Tucson, Arizona)

In the 1928 letter Maynard Dixon is responding to Seward’s request to exhibit his work and then, six years later, in the second letter Dixon is asking if Seward would give him another show.

728 Montgomery St.

San Francisco.

Jan 2. 1928

Dear Mr. Seward,

My show in San Diego Fine Arts Gallery is now over. Twenty five of the canvases must

go to Los Angeles for my show there Jan 30. - Feb 19. Now if we can fix a date soon following

this I can promise to fill a gallery for you;  & also a room with drawings. The San Diego gallery

was 22 x 42 & I sent more than enough. - 38 canvases in all. Sales will not be so numerous but

what I can fill the gaps.

Please let me hear from you soon.


Maynard Dixon

Seward - Maynard Dixon 1875 - 1946

Exhibition Programs

Seward Studio and the Wichita Art Association

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