C.A. Seward

1884 - 1939

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Image above : Levon West, “The Prairie Rider”, drypoint, 1933, “Canadian Riders,” 1939, drypoint (Allinson Gallery) The “Prairie Rider” was the Prairie Print Maker Annual Gift Print in 1933 and the correspondence below is about this print.  Images on right by Levon West are from Keith Sheridan Fine Prints.

Born in South Dakota, Levon West was also a native Midwesterner.  Like Seward he was interested in art as a child but he chose to major in business when he attended college.  After moving to New York he became acquainted with Joseph Pennell and under his mentorship, West became a very skilled etcher and printmaker. He became known for his depictions of western ranch life and scenes from the American Northwest in which he captured  the motion of snow and dust storms and water reflections. In 1932, He was Guest Artist for the state of Colorado. Later in his life West became interested in photography, using the name Ivan Dimitri in his photographic work.

(Letterhead - Levon West, 230 Park Avenue, New York)

June 13th, 1933.

Dear Mr. Seward;

I have received your letter with check enclosed. Thank you. The plate is already faced

and I have started the printing. The paper was ordered from the Japan Paper Company, and I

instructed them to send the bill onto you. Mr. Nelson said they would give the ream lot price on

this order.

The Gift Prints for 1931 and 1932 have also arrived, and I will return them with the new

prints when they are mailed. The matting paper used was obtained from my galleries, Kennedy

and company. I will inquire from them the firm which makes it and the price and will forward it

on to you. I have a man in mind whom I would like to prepare the biographical notes. I hope he

will have the time to do so, he is coming this afternoon to my studio.

It pleases me that you are satisfied with the plate, and I trust that each member of your

Association will be also. May I add that the printing is coming out very nicely, and I am sure that

you will be pleased also.

With all good wishes, I am

Sincerely yours,

Levon West

Mr. C.A.Seward


Prairie Print Makers

Wichita, Kansas

August 14th, 1933

Dear Mr. Seward;

I have returned to my studio for a few days and am sending to you the two etchings of the

Prairie Print Makers.

I would appreciate your sending me two or three of the proof of the biographical sketch

with is to be sent with the etchings when they are distributed.

With every good wish, I am

Sincerely yours,

Levon West

C.A. Seward, Esq.

Wichita, Kansas.

Seward - Levon West, 1900 - 1968

The Prairie Print Makers

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