C.A. Seward

1884 - 1939

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Images above : Herbert Pullinger “Cunningham House,” etching,

A life long resident of Philadelphia and popular teacher at the old Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Arts from 1923 to 1958, Herbert Pullinger practiced also as a painter, printmaker, and commercial illustrator. Described as an "urban romantic" at a recent exhibit of his works at the Atwater Kent Museum, he was a part of the great art movement of the second quarter of the twentieth century that was characterized by the Ashcan School. He never promoted his art aggressively so prices on his works have remained moderate; however, at his best he is as good as the great names of his time, and he is fondly remembered in the Philadelphia area by former students and friends who knew him well.

The letters below from Pullinger to Seward are related to the American Block Print Exhibition that Seward was putting together for the Wichita Art Association.  This became an annual exhibition and prints from throughout the United States as well as Canada were included.   Many of the artists who participated in this exhibition also became members of the Prairie Print Makers after its founding in December of 1930. 

1430 So. Penn


Mr. C.A. Seward

Wichita, Kansas

Dear Mr Seward,

I have to thank you for your note of Aug 22 - I have been out of town or I should have answered sooner - I shall be very glad to send you some Block prints = though I do not make color pints = When ever you desire them - I appreciate you wanting them.

Very truly yours

Herbert Pullinger

September 6 - 27 (1927)

1430 So. Penn 


Mr. C.A. Seward

Dear Sir

Thanks for your note of November 14th last. I find that your exhibition is to be one of color prints - a fact I may have overlooked since you first wrote me. I do not make prints in color - everything I have done thus far is in black and white. So I am afraid this lets me out. If you want to include black and white I can send you some but I have nothing in color.

Please advise me

Yours very truly

Herbert Pullinger

November 18th 1927.

1430 So. Penn 

Phila. Pa

12-27-27 (1927)

Mr. C.A. Seward

Dear Mr. Seward

I am sending today via parcels (sic) post - some wood block prints for your community show. I hope now that the mails are clear, That they will reach you on time. I certainly feel very much honored to be included in this show - and I have to thank you for the invitation. Wishing you the compliments of the season - and hoping to hear when the prints arrive safely - I am

Yours very truly

Herbert Pullinger

Seward - Herbert Pullinger 1878 - 1961

Exhibition Programs

Seward Studio and the Wichita Art Association

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1934 re: Prairie Print Makers

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