C.A. Seward

1884 - 1939

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Images above: Gustave Baumann, “Mountain Pool,” “Night of the Fiesta”  and on the right, top to bottom “Ranchos de Taos,” “October Night,” “Summer Rain,” “Arroyo Chamisa,” and “Rain on the Mountain” (Zaplin Lampert Gallery)

A news clipping from 1921 includes a description of an exhibition of Baumann’s prints at the Seward Studio.No documentation exists for when or how Seward and Baumann met.  A news clipping records  that Seward was exhibiting Baumann’s work at the Seward Studio by about 1921 or 1922.  The letters below reveal that sales were made during this exhibition.  The letter dated 1927 as well as the exhibition catalog documents that Baumann then submitted work for the first annual American Block Print Exhibition Seward was organizing in 1927.

A master of the color woodcut, Gustave Baumann was born in Magdeburg, Germany.and moved to Chicago with his family when he was 10 years old. After study at the Art Institute of Chicago and work as a commercial artist, he returned to Germany in 1905 for a year's study of the art of the German wood block print. He returned to work in Chicago, while also an active member of the artist colonies in Brown County, Indiana, and Provincetown, Massachusetts. Upon winning the Gold Medal for printmaking at the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, Baumann was asked to organize the first exhibition of American woodcut prints at the Art Institute of Chicago. In 1918 the New Mexico Museum of Fine Arts held an exhibition of the young printmaker's works. That summer, in 1918, Baumann visited his artist friends in Taos and planned a quick visit to Santa Fe. The end result was his almost immediate decision to move permanently to Santa Fe.

Gustave Baumann lived and worked in Santa Fe and was an active member of the art colony. He was keenly interested in New Mexico's Native American traditions and incorporated many such scenes in his prints. His colored wood block prints are highly prized among collectors today. Numerous catalogs and books exist which document his life and work.

April 26 - 22 (1922)

My Dear Mr. Seward

Your letter was good news indeed for me although I wish everyone might have sold a

share. Of the list you send, Apple Blossoms is out of print entirely. Mountain Pool and

Marigolds can be replaced in a few weeks. These need to be reprinted along with a number of

others. Will send balance as soon as my system such as it is - is reestablished. No small task after

two months tripping about.


Gustave Baumann

411 San Francisco St. Santa Fe, New Mex.


Dear Friend Seward

Where oh where are the shekels in return for that wagon load of prints sent you a long

time ago


Gustave Baumann

411 San Francisco St. Santa Fe, N. Mex.

July 11-22 (1922)


August 27 - 27

My Dear Friend Seward

Let me know in time and I can get prints to you - suppose matted is okay.

Did not see you around this summer - we were in Arizona this spring.  It is a proud country, try it sometime.


Gustave Baumann


September 14 - 27

My Dear Seward

Did I or did I not answer your inquiry to exhibit with your print exhibit - at any rate I can send if you will let me know in time - am beginning to print now - it will be a few weeks before I am through


Gustave Baumann


Seward - Gustave Baumann, 1881 - 1971

Exhibition Programs

Seward Studio and the Wichita Art Association

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Works exhibited by Baumann:

  1. 1.Three Pines $35.00

  2. 2.Summer Clouds $35.00

  3. 3. Spring Serenade $30.00

  4. 4. Arroya Clamion $30.00

  5. 5.. Summer Rain $30.00

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