C.A. Seward

1884 - 1939

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Images above : George Elbert Burr, “Winter” and “Longs Peak, Estes Park, Colorado,”

c 1916 (Allinson Gallery)

George Elbert Burr and Seward  were communicating about an exhibition of Burr’s work about the time Burr had settled in Colorado. Burr was born in Monroe Falls, Ohio and much like Seward was a self-trained artist for one winter of study at the Chicago Art Institute was his only formal training.  He initially made his living as a commercial illustrator and by about 1896 with funds earned for doing a special series of illustrations of a collection of jade objects for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Burr and his wife traveled extensively in Europe.  After their return to New York, the Burr’s moved to Colorado and then finally settled in Arizona by 1924.  Burr’s work can thus be divided into his European series and then those of the Rocky Mountains and deserts of Arizona.  The prints exhibited in Wichita about 1922 may have been shown at the Seward Studio and they would have been possibly European scenes and some of Burr’s newer Rocky Mountain views. 

Mr. C.A. Seward

Wichita, Kansas

Dear Sir

I can send you from sixty to seventy fine prints for a two week exhibit if you will guarantee sale

of one hundred dollars. I cannot afford to send prints now on speculation as my sales have been

so heavy during the past five months that I am short of prints.

The Metropolitan Museum of New York City has just acquired about half a hundred of my prints

as well as quite a number of other institutions.

They are going well in England, and are now being shown from Australia to Prague. A very

good illustrated article was in the “Studio” of London for March, this being the fourth illustrated

article to appear in Art Magazines.

Sincerely yours


George E. Burr

1325 Logan St.

Denver, Colo

Apr. 25/22 (1922)

Seward - George Elbert Burr, 1859 - 1939

Exhibition Programs

Seward Studio and the Wichita Art Association

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1934 re: Prairie Print Makers

Herbert Pullinger



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