C.A. Seward

1884 - 1939

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Images above:  Frances Gearhart “ (Trees and Mountains) “ and “Lonely Sierra” (Steven Thomas) color block print and the 2 color lithographs of C.A. Seward’s which she mentions in her letter: “Waterlilies” and “Autumn Gold.”

Frances Gearhart was the founder of the Printmakers Society of California.  She and C.A. Seward must have become acquainted when he was invited to join the California Printmakers Society in 1925. His print “Somewhere in New Mexico” had been exhibited in the at the California Museum of Art

In this letter Frances is writing to Seward about an article she wants him to write for the California Society’s newsletter.

(Also see letters from Howell C. Brown and his brother, Benjamin who together had founded the Los Angeles Printmakers after their move to California in 1896.  The Los Angeles Printmakers in??? merged with the Printmakers Society of California.)

Sunday (no date -  probably 1930)

My Dear Mr Seward

The prints came - OK - 1 Water lillies 3 Autumn Gold [2 I have paid for]

Thank you - I am frenziedly trying to rummage out something for that terrible print letter - my

mind is a horrid blank! My wits are chilling but my temperature is rising fast!

Suggest a topic to you? Any topic that relates to print makers - your lithographic experiences -

your print shows - how to interest communities in prints - oh I’m a most appreciative editor I

assure you! I’ve never rejected but one paper yet - and it was written by one who was not a print

maker in fact nor spirit -


Frances H. Gearhart

(Water Lillies and Autumn Gold are 1929 color lithographs by C.A.Seward.)

Howell Chamber Brown and his brother Benjamin were early members of the Chicago Society of Etchers who by  had settled in southern California.  They were both acquaintances of Seward’s most likely more of the many friendships Seward developed through his connections in Chicago.  When Frances Gearhart resigned the Editorship of the newsletter for the California Society of Printmakers, Howell Brown assumed the position.  This letter is a continuation of the discussion of the article Seward had been asked to write for the newsletter.  Brown also writes about a print that Seward had sent to him as well as an exhibition of Brown’s work at the Art Association.

(Letterhead - Howell C. Brown, 120 N. El Molino Ave., Pasadena, California)

May 4, 1930

My dear Mr. Seward,

First of all let me thank you for your print sent for my portfolio - I like it and am glad to

have it not only for the good work but for the thought which prompted your sending it as well.

The members certainly showed most royally that they appreciated the work I did.

I suppose you noted that Miss Gearhart resigned the Editorship and they asked me to take

her place for the rest of the year? She turned your article over to me and I will make use of it in

the next letter. I may have to boil it down a little but I notice you gave her free rein in that regard.

Her eyes are giving her a lot of trouble and she did not feel that she could carry on any longer.

It seems funny to be back in harness again but with Mrs. Osburn doing the secretarial

work the rest is easy.

With kindest regards from my brother and me I am

Most Sincerely yours

Howell C. Brown

Seward - Frances H. Gearhart, 1869 - 1959

& also a related letter from Howell C. Brown

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