C.A. Seward

1884 - 1939

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Images above : Ernest Watson,  “The Last Load,” 1925, color linocut (Annex Gallery)  and “Woodbine,” color block print, 1933, (Legends Fine Art) was the Prairie Print Maker Annual Gift Print in 1933 and the correspondence below is about this print.

Watson and Seward were well acquainted by the time Seward wrote to Watson and invited him to create the Annual Gift Print for the members of the Prairie Print Makers. Watson, like Seward, was an illustrator and printmaker best known for his pencil drawings and color linocut prints.  They also both wrote about printmaking and mentored many other artists. Watson and his wife and fellow printmaker, Eva Auld lived on the east coast.  Watson taught print making at the Pratt Institute and other art schools and was also the Art Editor for Scholastic Publications.  Ernest and Eva Watson’s prints were among those selected for first  American Block Print Exhibition of 1928 which Seward organized for the Wichita Art Association. Watson continued to participate in this for many successive years. In 1930, Watson was among the first Artist Members of the Prairie Print Makers. Then in 1936  Ernest Watson, J.J. Lankes, Paul Ulen and Seward collaborated on a book about printmaking

June 1, 1934

Dear Mr. Seward

Yes, I’ll make a gift print in color. Viewed as a business proposition, such a thing would

of course be impractical, but I am not thinking of it that way. Any member of the society ought, I

think to be willing to do his part in this gift print matter. The honorarium which you mention at

least gives the artist some compensation for his time.

It will of course be helpful to see other gift prints and the biographical matter you refer to

and I shall appreciate your sending them to me.

I do not know when you need the prints, but right now is the time I can devote to making

them. I am up in Monterey Mass. Now having a three months relief from my editorial duties in

“scholastic” and can do things creative.

Cordially yours

Ernest W. Watson

181 Emerson Place

Brooklyn N.Y.

December 1, 1934

Dear Mr. Seward:

I want you to know how pleased I am with the way you have handled the gift print

matter. The print is beautifully presented and the biographical sketch well done in my judgement.

I do hope your members like this print. I realize that it is something of a departure from my best

(kuam?) style in which the entire area is covered with color. Personally I believe it is a departure

in the right direction.

Is it possible for me to have a few copies of the biography? I could use them to good

advantage. I’d like to give one to N. Y. Public Library and Brooklyn Museum where my prints

are owned. Perhaps you will let me have the halftone plate of portrait - I imagine you have no

further use for it.

Thanking you sincerely for your able and appreciative handling of my gift print - I am

Very cordially

Ernest W. Watson

Seward - Ernest Watson (1884 - 1969)

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