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1884 - 1939

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Images above : Carl Oscar Borg, “Hopi Man,” woodcut, (private collection) “Canyon de Chelly,” etching (Owings Gallery)

Borg’s letter below reflects the temporary status of the exhibition spaces and offices of the Wichita Art Association.  The collection of block prints that Borg has sent were mailed to Seward’s home address.  These prints were most likely for one of the exhibitions of the Art Association. It is not yet known how Borg and Seward became acquainted.  Borg was born in Sweden, studied in London and then in 1901 emigrated to the United States  and settled in California.  He studied with landscape artist Wendt and made a connection with William Randolph Hearst mother, Pheobe and she became his sponsor.  This enabled Borg to return to study in Paris and Rome.  After he returned he taught in California and then did a commissioned series of paintings in the Southwest. The block prints above were created during this time period.  Seward and Borg may have learned about each other through mutual  artist friends, Benjamin and Howell Brown who also had settled in Los Angeles.

Nov 16, 1926

Dear Mr. Seward-

    Some time ago I sent you a collection of Block prints. They were addressed to I think your home? Or at least it was the adress (sic) that you gave me. Since that time I have been out of the city and have but recently returned. Mrs. Borg said that she has had no word from you.

    Of course this is merely to find out if the prints arrived O.K. or else I want to take it up with the express Co. before it gets too late.

    Sincerely yours

    Carl Oscar Borg

Seward - Carl Oscar Borg, 1879 - 1947

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