C.A. Seward

1884 - 1939

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Seward had been the outside designer for Walter Vincent, the owner of the  Western Lithograph Company for many years.  In January of 1923 he closed his own design firm and gallery, the Seward Studio, to become the Director of the Art Department at Western Lithograph.  Working with  Vincent, Seward expanded the Art Department staff to include many artists who would become founding members of The Prairie Printmakers.  Lloyd Foltz, Charles Capps, Leo Courtney and Clarence Hotvedt were all hired by Seward and together they formed a formidable group of versatile and talented illustrators and designers.  In addition to the commercial art work, Seward also expanded the firms capabilities to include the printing of fine art lithographs.  Birger Sandzen and Kenneth Adams both sent their lithograph plates to Western Lithograph to have them printed.  E.W. Bullinger and Fred Blume were two of the known staff members who did the actual printing of these plates.

The promotional piece that Walter Vincent issued to announce that Seward had become the Art Director for his company includes many examples of Seward’s commercial work for Wichita and Kansas based companies such as Coleman Lighting, the Mentholatum Company, Carey Salt, the Lassen Hotel, Dye Chile and Hockaday Road Maps.  This promotional piece graphically demonstrates the wide range of Seward’s abilities as a commercial designer and illustrator. 


Seward - Western Lithograph Co.,  promotional piece