C.A. Seward

1884 - 1939

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The Prairie Print Makers did not invent a new concept when they held their first formal meeting in 1930.  They were following a long tradition of artists banding together to create a multi-faceted support system for themselves.  Through the group they could share resources for material suppliers as well as inspiration.  They could also find solutions for technical problems and perhaps most importantly spend time with others who truly understood their passion.

In his 3 part series on collecting prints written for The Western Magazine of Art - Community Arts and Crafts, Seward had encouraged new collectors to join these prints societies as associate, non-artist, members as a means of access to information about printmakers.

American Print Societies

1866 French Etching Club, NYC

1877 New York Etchers Club, NYC

1880s Boston Etching Club

1880s Brooklyn Scratchers Club

1880s Philadelphia Soc. of Etchers

1881 Society of Painter-Etchers, NYC

1888 Society of American Etchers

1909 Needle Club, Chicago inc. in

1910 as Chicago Society of Etchers

1912 California Society of Etchers, SF

1913 New York Society of Etchers

1914 Printmakers of Los Angeles

1915 Print Club of Philadelphia

1916 New York Society of Etchers becomes Brooklyn Society of Etchers

1917 Painter-Gravers of America

1921 Printmakers of Los Angeles becomes Printmakers Society of California

1924 Cincinnati Print & Drawing Club

1928 Honolulu Printmakers

1928 Northwest Printmakers Society

1930 Prairie Print Makers

1930 American Society of Print Collectors, Ohio State University

1930 Print Club of Rochester

1931 Buffalo Print Club

1931 Haden Etching Club

1932 Syracuse  Print Club

1932  Brooklyn Society of Etchers becomes Society of American Etchers

1932 Woodcut Society of Kansas City

1933 Society of Washington DC Etchers

1934 Indiana Society of Print Makers

1934 Washington Etchers

1935 Southern Printmakers Society, Mt Airy, Georgia

1935 Dallas - Print Club

1937 Lone Star Printmakers

1940 Princeton Print Club

1940-41 Friends of Contemporary Prints

abt 1945 Iowa Print Group

1947 Boston Printmakers

1952 Society of American Etchers becomes Society of American Graphic Artists (SAGA)

1955 Bay Printmakers

1962 Los Angeles Printmakers Society

1968 California Society of Etchers & Bay Printmakers merge & form California Society of Printmakers

1972 Southern Graphics Council

1991 The Print Club of New York

1992 American Print Alliance

Printmaking Groups and Societies

Below is a transcription of Seward’s invitation to become a member of The Canadian Society of Graphic Art

(Letterhead - The Canadian Society of Graphic Art, Leonard Hutchinson, President)

(no date) ca. 1930, prior to 1931.

109 East 19th St.

Mt. Hamilton, Ont.


Dear Mr. Seward:

I am sorry not to have supported your exhibitions of late, but ill health has interfered with my activities.

However not that recovery is on it’s way the printmaking will go on as before.

Your unanimous election to our society was very pleasing to me, and in the future I hope to see much of your work, which will, I am sure be enjoyed by our lithographers here.

Enclosed please find my dues for the current year.

Yours fraternally

Leonard Hutchinson

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