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1884 - 1939

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Membership for artists in the Prairie Print Makers was by invitation. Artists were invited to submit a portfolio of their work to be viewed and voted on by the board members of the Prairie Print Makers. Once elected to membership artists then could participate in the annual exhibitions which were traveled throughout the country. The exhibitions went to schools, universities, libraries, museums social clubs, art clubs, and other organizations.  Each member sent four copies of their print.  Three were then included in one of the traveling exhibitions and the fourth was held as a replacement when a sale occurred. One of the three exhibitions was sent to the eastern and southern portions of the U.S.A., one to the west and also Hawaii and one to the midwest (in cooperation with the Kansas Federation of the Arts.) Annual membership dues for artists were one dollar and each artist then received a check when one of their prints was sold.  Prints in the early years of the organization ranged in price from $3 to $15.00.  The over-riding philosophy of the organization was to make a broad range of fine quality prints available at affordable prices and thus the artist members were asked to sell their work at the lowest possible price.

Artists not just from the prairie states but residing throughout the United States and also Canada submitted their work to become members.

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C.A. Seward on Collecting Prints:

“Success be it in collecting or in anything else, goes to the brave man who sees an opportunity and dares to seize upon it at once.”


The Prairie Print Makers - artist members

Artist Members of the Prairie Print Makers:

this list is thought to be incomplete

*indicates Charter Member

Kenneth Adams, John Taylor Arms, Ralph Avery

Gerhard Bakker, Gustave Baumann, Maurice R. Bebb, Eric Bergman, Howell C. Brown

James Cassell, Gerald Cassidy, Samuel Chamberlain, Howard Cook, Leslie Cope, John C. Costigan, John Steuart Curry, Allan Crane, Charles M. Capps,* Leo Courtney*

  1. E.Hubert Deines, William J. Dickerson, Maynard Dixon

Lloyd C. Foltz*

Margaret Ann Gaug, Frances Gearhart, May Gearhart, Fred Geary, Glenn D. Golton, Gordon Grant

  1. C.Winston Haberer, James D. Havens, Ted Hawkins, John Helm, Polly Knipp Hill, Edwin H. Holgate, Nicholas Hornyansky, Mary Huntoon,  Leonard Hutchinson, Alfred Hutty, Peter Hurd, Arthur W. Hall,* Norma Bassett Hall,* Clarence A. Hotvedt*

Bertha Jaques

John M. Kelly, Gene Kloss, Edmund Kopietz*

J.J. Lankes, Clare Leighton, William Auerbach Levy, Luigi Lucioni, H.M. Luquiens, Herschel Logan*

Warren Mack, Alexander Masley, Blanche McVeigh, Leo Meissner, Hubert Morley

Robert Von Neumann, Elizabeth Norton, Louis Novak

Roselle H. Osk

Orville Peets, Walter J. Phillips, Roi Partridge

Doel Reed, Grant Reynard, William Rice, Luigi Rist, Charles B. Rogers, Louis C. Rosenberg, Chauncey Ryder

Elizabeth Saltonstall, Will Simmons, Ivan Summers, James Swann, C.A. Seward*, Birger Sandzen*, Dwight Case Sturges

Agnes Tait, Frederick B. Taylor

Nora Unwin

Ernest M. Watson, Reynold Weidnaar, Stow Wengenroth, Levon West, Glen Wheete,   Treva Wheete, Charles A. Wilimovsky, Margaret Wittemore


Images on this page (left then right column, top to bottom): Elizabeth Norton, Ivan F. Summers, Frances Gearhart, Ernest Watson,Walter Joseph Phillips, Levon West, Gustave Baumann, Stow Wengenroth,  John S. Curry, Glenn Wheete, Samuel Chamberlain Roselle Osk, Alfred Hutty, Claire Leighton, Luigi Rist and John Helm.....see dealers & galleries

Sources: Barbara Thompson - O'Neill, and George C. Foreman, The Prairie Print Makers. Topeka: Kansas Arts Commission, 1981. "The Care of Prints," C.A. Seward, Community Arts and Crafts 2, no. 5 (1929): 5-7. Third in a series of three articles by Seward on collecting, selecting, and caring for fine art prints. Other articles are - “Starting a Collection of Prints” and “Print Collecting”

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