C.A. Seward

1884 - 1939

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Seward’s love of learning and constant desire to expand his knowledge surely was instilled in him by his maternal grandfather, Dr. Godfrey Bohrer. The example Dr. Bohrer set  for his grandson was rather formidable.  Bohrer placed a high value on learning and as a very young man had left home to acquire his medical degree and then spent his years not just doctoring but also farming with a special interest in teaching farmers in Kansas to grow orchards and keep bees. He also served two terms in the Kansas State Legislature.

C.A. began drawing as a child and simply never stopped. In a letter to the curator at the Smithsonian, he notes that he was “primarily self-taught” although he did study briefly in Topeka with painter, George Melville Stone and cartoonist and illustrator, Albert T Reid. Then for a short time in 1907 he taught drawing classes in Lindsborg while studying with painter, Birger Sandzen. C.A. Seward was a lifetime student and collector of prints. Prints by European masters (Durer, Rembrandt, Whistler), Japanese Ukiyo-e printmakers (Hiroshige, Hokusai) and American printmakers  (John Taylor Arms, Lewis Martin, Francis Gearhart, Gustave Bauman) could all be found in C.A.’s collection, and thus they too must be a part of the list of his teachers.

Seward’s expressed his own thoughts about learning in his museum guidebook on Lithography: “Progress in any field of learning is necessary for accomplishment, and the most assuring guarantee of progress lies in our ability to maintain an open minded desire to learn.  It may also be necessary to wage a well determined battle with any personal timidity we may have about attacking a problem that seems beyond our ability.  In almost every case such timidity is entirely unwarranted, and will be proved so as soon as a determined effort is made.” 

One of his lifelong friends and early mentors, George M. Stone said this about Seward’s efforts: “In lithography Mr Seward has found a medium which enables him to work with the utmost freedom, and his pictures look as though they had been done with the greatest of ease and real pleasure.  This appearance of ease and facility is, of course, the result of hard labor, thought, and years of practice in a variety of mediums.”


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Images on this page (top to bottom, left to right): photograph of Dr. Bohrer & image from C.A. Seward sketchbook, George M Stone, self portrait, “San Juan Capistrano Mission,” gift to C.A. Seward, “When the Fodder’s in the Shock,” (col. of Topeka & Sawnee County Public Library,  portrait of Albert Reid by George Stone, two cartoons by Albert Reid, photographs  - Birger Sandzen by C.A. Seward and Sandzen & Seward posing at Coronado Heights, Sandzen lithograph “.....” and woodcut “ ......” Ken Adams lithograph and Frances Gearhart color blockprint.


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