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1884 - 1939

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Seward was the best of friends and a seemingly endless writer of letters.  He liked nothing more than spending time talking art with all of his many artists friends across the country.  “How could you know what a splendid thing you did for me?” writes Chicago Society of Etchers Bertha Jacques.  “Well your letter was good news indeed for me...” beings a 1922 letter from Gustave Baumann.  From New York, Levon West writes,” It pleases me that you are satisfied with the plate....may I add that the printing is coming out very nicely, and I am sure that you will be pleased also.” and Maynard Dixon from San Francisco, “How would you like to give me another show a little later?”

Seward maintained a vast correspondence with artists, dealers, curators and suppliers throughout the United States.  This network he established through this correspondence helped him to accomplish all of his endeavors from helping found the Wichita Art Association, authoring numerous articles on prints as well as his text on Metal Plate Lithography. With personal letters he accomplished  the enormous task of organizing first the annual national American Block Print Exhibition in 1928 then the Prairie Print Makers in 1930. His four daughters, Dorothy, Helen, Mildred and Virginia and his niece, Aura all told stories about their work as  his “secretarial assistants.”  Many of the letters, however are handwritten by Seward himself

For researchers and collectors these letters provide wonderful insight into the personal style of each of these writers and artists. The letters still remain in the collection of Seward’s descendants and represent only a very small portion of his correspondence.  If one of these letters is relevant to your collection or research please contact the website for information about obtaining a copy.


Seward - Printmakers, Painters - artist friends

Kenneth M. Adams, 1929,1937

John Taylor Arms, 1937,1938

William Auerbach-Levy, 1937, 1938 PPM

Gerhard H. Bakker, 1937 PPM

Cyrus LeRoy Baldridge

Paul W. Bartlett, 1922

Gustave Baumann, 1922 SS, 1927

Gerrit A. Beneker, 1922, SAP

  1. H.E. Bergman, 1928 BP

  2. I.Joseph P. Birren, 190 WAA

Carl Oscar Borg, 1926

Gutzon Borglum, 1921

Benjamin C. Brown, 1925 SAP

Howell C. Brown, 1930

George Elbert Burr, 1922

Charles M. Capps

Timothy Cole, 1921

John Steuart Curry

E. Hubert Deines, 1937, 1938 PPM

Harry Anthony deYoung, 1928

William Dickerson

Maynard Dixon, 1928 WAA, 1934 PPM

Henry Coffin Fellow,nd

John Flanagan, 1922, 1924  -  

J.L.G. Ferris, 1922 SS

Lloyd C. Foltz

Frances H. Gearhart, nd?1930 BP

Fred Geary, 1937

Arthur W. Hall, 1928

Norma Bassett Hall, 1929, 1929

Knute Heldman, 1925 WAA 

Clarence A. Hotvedt

Peter Hurd, 1938

Leonard Hutchinson, abt1930 PPM

Alfred Hutty, 1937 PPM

Bertha E. Jaques,1937

John M. Kelly, 1936

Tod Lindenmuth, 1922, 1927,1934

Ward Lockwood, 1930

Herschel C. Logan

Louis Lozowick

H.M. Luquiens, 1933 PPM

Blanche McVeigh

Leo J. Meissner, 1936

Bruce Moore, 1937

Hubert Morley, 1937

John Noble, 1922, 1923

B.J.O. Nordfeldt, 1927 BP, 1929,1930

Roselle H. Osk, abt1930 PPM

Ralph M. Pearson, 1923

Herbert Pullinger, 1927 ABP

Doel Reed

Albert T. Reid

Grant Reynard, 1937

William S. Rice, 1937

Birger Sandzen,1921,1928,1930,1934,1938

William P. Silva, 1929, 1930  

George M. Stone

James Swann, 1936 PPM

Mary H. Tannahill, BP

Frederick B. Taylor, 1937

Walter Ufer, 1927 SAP

Ernest W. Watson, 1934 PPM

Stow Wengenroth, 1938 PPM & book trade

Levon West, 1933 PPM

C.A. Wilimovsky

A.R. Woodall, 1938

Images on this page (left to right, top to bottom): photograph - Seward abt 1926, Seward postcard to Louis Lozowick, Maynard Dixon and Ernest Watson letters to Seward.  Prints are: Frances Gearhart, Bertha Jaques, Alfred Hutty, Ken Adams and Gustave Baumann.

Notations for letters - dates and nd if letter not dated, subject notations are:  WAA, Wichita Art Association, PPM - Prairie Print Makers, SAP - school art program, and BP - Block Print Exhibitions.

Note - not all of the letters have been copied and scanned. Please check back.

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