C.A. Seward

1884 - 1939

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Because Seward’s work as an illustrator and cartoonist was always produced on paper few examples have been found.

The two full spread feature illustrations for The Wichita Sunday Eagle are dramatic panoramas capturing the vibrancy of the 1920s years in Wichita.  The October 1920 illustration for the “Fall Annual - International Wheat Show” documents the arrival of the aviation industry in Wichita. The 1922 illustration contrasts the pioneer days of Wichita with the new modern era of classical architecture and skyscrapers.

Seward’s ease with cartoons reflects his early study with nationally prominent cartoonist Albert T. Reid. He most likely retained this interest and understanding of the the dramatic impact of a well drawn character sketch because of his life long friendship with school mate and then newspaper cartoonist, Ben DePew.  Seward and DePew shared a fascination with Kansas history and the Plains Indians which are documented on the Arapaho Nation website and in the family photo album.  Their friendship must have been filled with adventure and laughter.  Who else, but a friend, can poke fun at someone as Depew did with these first cartoons of Seward.


Seward - newspaper illustrations, political cartoons & theatre programs

Images on this page (left to right, top to bottom):      Photo of Depew and Seward (right) taken in about  1910 during a trip to southern Kansas, cartoon of Seward by Ben Depew.  Additional “Sunflower Cartoon of Seward” by Ben Hammond. sources for information & photographs for this page are: Seward Family collection, Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum and WSU Library Archives.