C.A. Seward

1884 - 1939

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Shortly after establishing his freelance commercial design studio in Wichita,  Sewardwas hired as the Art Director for Kansas Magazine. This was the second revival of this literary and arts publication. Throughout 1909 Seward created the covers for the magazine and in addition often wrote some of the feature articles about Kansas artists.

His association with the magazine continued for many years.  His prints were frequently reproduced in the magazine.  When Seward died in 1939 a memorial section about him and his work was included in the 1940 issue of Kansas Magazine

with the following introduction:

“As a commercial artist, his distinguished ability won him first place in that field and for a great number of years he was art director for the Western Lithograph Company of Wichita. As a creative artist, Seward will be known to posterity as an eminent printmaker, for he reached a perfection of technique in this lithographs, etchings, and block prints that will long be a mark of honor to his ability.”  

- John F. Helm, Jr., Kansas Magazine, 1940.


Seward - Kansas Magazine

Images on this page (top to bottom, left to right): All from the Seward Family Collection.

Sources:  Hal Ottaway and the research notes of Bert P. Jones of the Wichita Postcard Club.