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1884 - 1939

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Seward’s friend and gallery owner, Walter Crandall left Wichita when he became a partner in the Halekalani Hotel in Honolulu.  He commissioned Seward to create small prints and calendars which he used for gift and sales items in the hotel gift shop.  Crandall sent Seward photographs of various Hawaiian landscapes which became the image sources for Seward’s prints.  All of this series were etchings and they were printed not just in traditional black ink but also in sepia, green and blue ink. These prints were typically not signed or dated.  These images were produced from 1931 to 1938. The edition sizes are not known.

In about 1936 Seward also received a commission to create eight prints of Florida beach scenes.  All of these lithographs are signed in the plate, Sydney Halward.  No documentation exists for this commission although Seward’s daughters all told the story that they were created for a real estate developer acquaintance who wanted to see if good art by known artists would sell under another name.  The edition size for these prints is not known. 

Seward also received other commissions: 1927 a commemorative print for Charles Lindbergh’s visit to Wichita, 1930 the annual Christmas Card for Stearman Aircraft Company,  1937 the A.A. Hyde home in Massachusetts, 1937 the gift print for the Wichita Art Association, 1932 and 1933 gift prints for Mount Carmel Academy in Wichita, Kansas.


Lindberg Day

Stearman Aircraft

Mount Carmel Academy

A.A. Hyde Homestead

Wichita Art Association

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Images on this page (top to bottom, left to right): All from the Seward Family Collection.

Seward - Commission Prints

Florida Beach Scenes, 1936 Commission

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Hawaiian Scenes, 1931 - 38 Commission