This catalog with its particular focus on Wichita and the Midwest significantly enlarges the existing histories of American printmaking, and provides insight into the stark difference between densely populated New York City and the wide-open, “cow town” environment of Wichita. By the first decades of the 20th Century, C.A. Seward and his business and artist colleagues had created an environment that insured that the arts played a prominent role in their community.

Wichita, in fact, became one of the few places in the United States where artists could have their prints made. Most had to ship their work to New York, a less desirable process since the artist then could not work directly with the printer to refine and make necessary changes.

– Clinton Adams

American Lithographers, 1900-1960: The Artists and Their Printers, 1983.

In the Middle of America: Printmaking & Print Exhibitions:

C.A. Seward and Friends, 1916-1946

The 170 page, full-color, 8-1/2x11 catalog includes:  

      - over 160 illustrations

  1. -a history of the print exhibitions in Wichita (1920-1946) including lists of prints and

       printmakers from the catalogs of the annual 1928-1946 national "Exhibition of American 


      - a history and membership list of the Prairie Print Makers society (1930-1965)

  1. -        a history of the fine arts printing program at the Western Lithograph Company including        

  2. -    lists of the known lithographs pulled for Birger Sandzen, C.A. Seward, Kenneth Adams,        

          Ward Lockwood,  Lloyd Foltz,  and Gerald Cassidy

  1. -    a history of the original Wichita arts organizations and biographies of the key members of

         the arts community including Louise Caldwell Murdock the benefactor of the nationally

         recognized Rolland P. Murdock Collection of American Art

The catalog is now available at the Wichita Art Museum, Wichita Center for the Arts, and the Wichita Sedgwick County Historical Museum, and online from:

   Watermark Books