C.A. Seward

1884 - 1939

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Seward - Major Prints


Although he is known primarily for his lithographs, C.A. Seward also created etchings and block prints. This album includes only major works, either the first images created in a particular medium or those prints known to have been included in exhibitions and publications.  The prints are arranged by subject matter - images of the Kansas prairies and Flint Hills and images of the desert landscape and the native architecture of the Southwest -  rather than chronologically.

Information for each image includes: title, date, medium and dimensions. For information about  known museum collections and/or exhibitions & awards.  Go to the List of Prints or Catalogue Raisonne for list of prints categorized by medium. Images of all of Seward’s known prints are included in the 2011 catalogue raisonne produced by the Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas. To order a copy of this catalogue click here.

Seward created numerous small prints, many are undated and some are not signed.  The majority of these prints are thought to have been created as study, demonstration or perhaps Christmas card images. Images of these smaller prints are included in the new catalogue raisonne.

There are three distinct signatures that appear on Seward’s prints. The two early signatures do not include the initials “C.A.”  The signature on the right appears on all prints dated 1923 through 1937, when Seward made his final prints.

Two other groups of prints may also be of interest:

Seward also created prints that were used for the Family Christmas Card and in addition some of his large prints were also at a reduced scale in a note card format. These images are included in a separate album. Small Cards.

Seward was an avid bookplate collector and he also designed numerous bookplates.  A separate album includes both bookplates designed by Seward and then also a small portion of those in his collection. Bookplates.

Two groups of prints created for commercial purposes are also in a separate album. Commission Prints.

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