C.A. Seward

1884 - 1939

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In an effort to promote and also make their work available to even those who could not afford to purchase an original limited edition print, Seward and his associates produced note card size images of some of their prints.  These notecards were most likely sold at Seward’s gift shop that was part of the Seward Studio beginning in the 1920s.  It is most likely that these cards were also available at the exhibitions sponsored by the Wichita Art Association through the 1930s. These small reproductions of original print images were also used as the art work for postcards and small calendars.  Some of these calendars were produced for commercial clients. In the 1920s   Seward in collaboration with MacPherson based, art dealer Carl Smalley through Western Lithograph produced a series of miniature prints of his own work as well as that of Lindsborg based artist, Birger Sandzen.

The tradition of original prints being made into cards was longstanding.  Included in the collection below are greeting cards that were in C.A. Seward’s personal collection.  Some are those sent by him and his family, others are those received from his artist friends. In busy years existing notecards were used and in some cases small, miniature prints were glued to colored backing paper and transformed into Christmas cards.

(The examples below come from private collections as well as the collection of the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum, Kansas State University, Manhattan Kansas.)

Seward Images & also his collection : notecards, postcards & calendars

Images above are known cards that are reproductions of Seward prints - left to right, Elk Valley Farm, The Little Chapel, Winter Solitude, Pueblo Corner, Rabbit Trails, Cimarron Canyon, Three Old Pines, Early Visitors, Where  Aspen Grow

Images above are known miniature prints that are reproductions of Seward prints - left to right, Two Geese, Creek in Winter, Three Pines

Images at the top of the page are notecards from the Seward family collection including, left to right - Seward card, and then cards by Norma Bassett Hall, Birger Sandzen, Leo Courtney and Charles M. Capps

Images above are known postcards that are reproductions of Seward prints - left to right, Dr. Godfrey & Bethana Bohrer plaster relief, Big Pines Raton Pass, Taos Gate, Sunshine and Shadow

Images above are known Christmas Cards that are reproductions of Seward prints or original prints made specifically for the family card - left to right, Christmas 1926, Christmas 1930,  Christmas 1935,  Christmas 1937, Christmas 1939, Christmas ca.1936 , Christmas  ca. 1938 and an unknown date Christmas card.

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