C.A. Seward

1884 - 1939

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Seward - bookplate designer & collector


One of Seward’s many hobbies was designing and collecting bookplates. By 1922 Seward and his longtime friend, Carl Smalley are listed as active members of the American Bookplate Society. (The Society originated in 1913 in New York City and by 1915, when Alfred Fowler became Secretary-Treasurer, moved its base to Kansas City.)

Seward and all the members of his family were avid readers and book collectors thus his interest in bookplates is a most natural outgrowth of two of his primary interests - printmaking and reading.

One of the most well documented bookplates designed by Seward was created for his author friend, Walter Stanley Campbell whose pen name was Stanley Vestal.  Campbell directed the writing program at the University of Oklahoma.  This nationally recognized program as well as Vestal/Campbell’s books on Native American history (especially his work on Sitting Bull) set a standard in both fields of endeavor.

Seward had a vast personal collection of book plates and only a portion of it is represented in the collection below.

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