C.A. Seward

1884 - 1939

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Obituary. (additional news clippings dating from 1900 - 1939 from the Seward Family scrapbook were sources for this site)

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    museum and as a promoter and mentor of artists discussed on pages 13, 160, 187, and    


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A posthumus tribute to Seward. An unpaginated twelve-page spread includes

reproductions of Glorietta Canyon, Sunshine and Showers, Twilight (identified as “Blockprint”), Elk Valley Farm, Land of Mystery, Three Geese, Adobe Village, Grasshopper Peak, Sunshine and Shadow, Summer, and Washerwoman’s Alley.

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Volume 5, 3rd Quarter of 1925 contains a review of Seward’s work including a commissioned lithograph insert, Kansas Cottonwood, images of five other prints, and a catalog.

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Includes essays about the print club, reproductions of Prairie Print Maker gift prints, and short biographies with select bibliographic citations for each of the gift print artists.

"Perpetuating a work that has gained nationwide attention since its organization here by the late C.A. Seward, Wichita commercial artist, the Prairie Print Makers was reorganized last week." The Wichita Beacon. 15 September 1940.

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The catalog of an exhibition held in Lawrence held in conjunction with the

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Articles about Seward and his work also appeared in newspapers throughout the United States including the Kansas City Star, Wichita Beacon, Wichita Eagle, Topeka Daily Capital, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and The Brooklyn Daily.

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