C.A. Seward

1884 - 1939

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1928  - 1938  Solo Exhibitions included:

1928 Solo Exhibition, Paul Elders Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

1929 Solo Exhibition. Hackley Art Gallery (now the Muskegon Museum of Art), Muskegon, MI

1929 Solo Exhibition. Springfield Art Association, Springfield, IL

1929 Solo Exhibition of twenty-five prints. Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

1931 Solo Exhibition of sixty prints. Smithsonian Museum of American Art, Washington, DC

1931 Solo Exhibition of fifty prints. Tyrell Hall, University of Tulsa, OK

1930 Solo Exhibition of fifty prints. Birmingham Public Library, AL. The exhibition traveled to the Municipal Galleries of the Mississippi Art Association, Jackson, MS. (now the Mississippi Museum of Art)

1932 Solo Exhibition. California School of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA

1932 Solo Exhibition of fifty prints. Stanford University Art Gallery, Palo Alto, CA

1932 Solo Exhibition. Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma City, OK

1936 Solo Exhibition of Prints. Rundel Memorial Library, Syracuse, NY

1937  Solo Exhibition. Currier Gallery of Art, Manchester, NH


1921  - 1938 International Group Exhibitions included:

1929“Exhibition of Contemporary American Prints.” American Federation of the Arts. Victoria      

           and Albert Museum, London, England. This was the third of four juried exhibitions. (On the

           Road to the Pueblo)

1928“Exposition of Modern American Prints.” American Federation of the Arts. Bibliotheque   Nationale, Paris. The second of four juried exhibitions.

1927“American Artists Prints.” American Federation of the Arts juried exhibition for the

          “International Exposition of Modern Prints”, Ufizzi, Florence, Italy. This was the first of four

            juried exhibitions.

1920  - 1938  Group Exhibitions included:

1928-1935 “American Block Prints,” An annual exhibition in Wichita, expanded to include jurors

        and awards in 1935, and again in 1938 to include lithographs. The exhibition was organized             

        by Seward and he wrote the introduction to the 1928 catalog. The exhibition traveled to            

        various   Kansas locations including the Mulvane Art  Museum in Topeka. Seward’s                        

        representation in these  exhibitions is as follows: 1929, On the  Road to the Pueblo; 1930,        

       Adobe Village; 1931, Land of  Mystery; 1933, Piñons; 1934,  Threshing Beans; 1935, Flint    

        Hill Vista

1927“Exhibition of American Block Prints.” Philadelphia Print Club, Philadelphia, PA. Seward            exhibited  again in 1929, 1930, and 1931. Subsequently traveled to the Brooklyn

                    Museum, NY.

1926 - 1937  “International Printmakers Exhibitions,” California Society of Printmakers,Los            

            Angeles Museum, CA,

            1926  7th Annual -  A Taos Gate,Toadstool Rock and La Mirada)

            1927  8th Annual - The New Gate,  Big Pines Raton Pass

            1928  9th Annual - Yucca, An Arroyo

            1930  11th Annual - On the  Road to the Pueblo

            1931 12th Annual - Swans

            1932 13th Annual - Pueblo Corner

            1934 15th Annual -  Blue  Valley Barns, Threshing Beans

            1937 18th Annual - Elk Valley Farm

1931 - 1938 Chicago Society of Etchers, Chicago, Illinois

           1931 - Art Institute of Chicago, Exhibition of Etchings (Squirrels Nest)

            1936 - Invitational Group Exhibition. Chicago Society of Etchers, Chicago, IL

           1938 - 28th Annual Exhibition, Albert Roullier Art Galleries, Chicago, Early Visitors

1930 - 1931 The Northwest Print Makers, Exhibitions, Henry Gallery, University of Washington,

Seattle, WA 

    1930 - On the Road to the Pueblo, Adobe Village, Three Old Pines, Old Pinon Trees,        

                Sunshine and Shower, Mountains and Desert

    1931 - Squirrel Nests, A Glimpse of the Smoky Hills, Mountain Forms, Swans

1931 - 1938 “The Prairie Print Makers Annual Exhibition.” 1931-1938. Wichita City Library, and        

            Wichita Art Museum after 1935, Wichita, KS. Traveled throughout the Midwest during

            these years. To date no records have been found for the exhibitors in each of these annual    

            exhibitions.  After Seward’s death in January of 1939, Charles Capps took over the planning

            and mangement of the exhibitions and gift prints.  In later years he shared this task with    

            Lloyd Foltz, Arthur Hall, and James Swann.

1923-1933Midwestern Artists’ Annual Exhibitions, Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO

Seward prints shown in this exhibition from 1923 through 1933. 

            1926 - watercolor - Sunshine and Adobe, lithograph -Where Aspens Grow

                    drypoint - Rocks and Pine

            1927 - lithograph, Toadstool Rock - Santa Fe awarded the Silver Medal, Canada Goose,    

                    Old  Willow, Big Pines - Raton Pass

             1928 - lithograph, Yucca  awarded the Gold Medal, Old Pinon Trees, An Arroyo,

                    Sunshine  and Adobe, A Glimpse of the Smoky Hills

            1929 - Sunshine and Showers, Three Old Pines, Waterlilies

            1930 - etchings - Three Geese, Poplars and ‘Dobe, Three Pines, block prints - On the Road

                    to the Pueblo, Adobe Village

            1931 - lithographs, Mountain Forms, Land of Mystery, etching Squirrel Nests

           1932 - lithographs Pueblo Corner, Grasshopper Peak, etching - Negro Village

           1933 - Washer Woman’s Alley, Pinons

1930 “First International Exhibition of Lithographs and Engravings.” Chicago Art Institute,

            Chicago, IL. This exhibition then traveled to the Saint Louis Art Museum in February 1931.

1930Exhibition of works of C.A. Seward and sculptor, Albert Stewart. Venue either the University

            of  Kansas or the Kansas City Art Institute.

1930First exhibition of the Midwest Print-Makers Association. Spooner Thayer Museum,

          Lawrence, KS

1931“15th Annual Brooklyn Society of Etchers Exhibition.” Brooklyn Museum, NY

1929 National Academy of Design. Annual exhibition, New York, NY

1929"Kansas Artists.” Group Exhibition, Mulvane Art Museum,  Topeka, KS

1929 “Exhibition of Kansas Artists.” Spooner Thayer Museum of Art, University of Kansas,

            Lawrence, KS

1928 “Annual Water Color and Print Exhibition.” Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts,                      

           Philadelphia, PA.

1928 “28th Annual Exhibition, Chicago Society of Etchers”, Albert Roullier Art Galleries, Chicago

1928 Kansas State Free Fair. Topeka, KS. First Prize for lithograph Three Old Pines.

1927 California Print Makers Society exhibition. Library Hall, Wichita, KS. Traveling exhibit of        

            the Western Association of Museums, sponsored by the Wichita Art Association.

            Seward’s 1925 lithograph Prairie Stream was included in the exhibition.

1926 Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe, NM. Artists: C.A. Seward, Arthur B. Davies, Frank G.   Applegate, and George Taylor Plowman.

1925 Wichita Artists Guild Annual Exhibition. Wichita Public Library in 1925-1934; Wichita Art Museum in 1935-1938, Wichita, KS

1924“Thirty-first Annual Exhibition of American Art.” Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, OH

             Seward prints in this exhibition were “Willows and Pond Lilies” and “Summer.” 

1923National Academy of Design, winter exhibition, New York, NY

1920American Academy of Arts and Letters. New York, NY


1940  - 2010  Posthumous Exhibitions:

2010“C.A. Seward: Artist and Draftsman.” Solo Exhibition, Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence,


2008 “Seminal Artists in Wichita, 1880-1940.” Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum,

            Wichita, KS. Artists: John Noble, C.A. Seward, Bruce Moore, Fred Wassall, Elizabeth    

             Sprague,  Stephen Hesse, Robert Aitchison, and Edmund Davison.

2005 “The West Through my Eyes, Highlights from the Private Collection of Bill Schenck.” New    Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe, NM

2004-05 “A Kansas Art Sampler.” Spencer Museum of Art. Included the lithograph Summer.

2001-05 “The Prairie Print Makers.” Exhibition organized by Exhibits USA, a division of Mid-

            America Arts Alliance. Complete set of Prairie Print Maker gift prints, including Seward’s

            Adobe Village, New Mexico. Venues: Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Oklahoma, Nebraska,

            Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Texas.

1999“Kansas Master Artists Exhibition.” Mid-America Fine Arts, Wichita Gallery, Wichita, KS

1997 “The Prints of C.A. Seward.” Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum, Wichita, KS

1991 “CA Seward, A Prairie Vision. A retrospective exhibit of the work of one of the region’s

     most acclaimed artists.” Wichita Sedgwick County Historical Museum, Wichita, KS

1989“Spirit of the American Southwest.” Wichita Art Museum, Wichita, KS

1988 “Prairie Print Makers: The Gift Prints - Selections from The Bud and Ruby Jennings

              Collection.” Spencer Museum of Art. Included the linoleum cut Big Pines - Raton Pass.

1981“The Prairie Printmakers.” A traveling exhibition, with support from The Kansas Arts    Commission, National Endowment for the Arts, and others.

1977“New Acquisitions to the Permanent Collection.” Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe, NM

1948“Arts & Crafts of Kansas.” Festival of Arts & Crafts, Lawrence, KS

1940“C.A. Seward.” A commemorative exhibition, Wichita Art Museum, Wichita, KS

Additional Exhibitions include:  Annual Exhibitions of Wichita Artists Guild which began in 1924 ; the Prairie Print Makers traveling exhibitions which began in 1931; Kansas Free Fair Exhibitions;  Exhibition for 48th Annual Messiah Festival, Lindsborg, Kans. & a long list of exhibitions throughout the Midwest.


Seward - Exhibitions & Awards

a selected list with annotations

Images: (left to right, top to bottom): - prints by Seward -  Land of Mystery, Big Pines- Raton Pass, Squirrels Next,  A Taos Gate, Swans & catalogs or invitations from - The National Museum of Art, Smithsonian, Washington, D.C., Gold & Silver Medals from MidWestern Artists Annual Exhibitions, Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO, Kansas Free Fair Blue Ribbon, Vail Gallery, Wichita, Ks, Mulvane Museum of Art, Topeka, Ks, The Boston Society of Etchers, Brooklyn, NY,  Wichita Sedgwick County Historical Museum, KS, Seward Retrospective and catalogs of exhibitions of The Prairie Printmakers.